We empower ambitious women with a life-changing awareness of human behavior to master interpersonal communication, uncover hidden truth and make more informed trust decisions

Former Australian Law Enforcement Officer, Elly Johnson and former US Military Intelligence Officer & Interrogator, Lena Sisco, have teamed up to create the Truth Sisters Academy.

Combining decades of expertise in high-stakes communication, law enforcement, intelligence gathering and advanced interpersonal skills, Elly and Lena have developed the powerful P.R.O.T.E.C.T.™ Method.

If you want to unlock an inner strength and confidence to protect yourself from people and situations that hold you back or put you at risk, then join us today.


The ULTIMATE EDGE transformational program incorporates the powerful P.R.O.T.E.C.T.™ Method.

Developed by Elly Johnson and Lena Sisco. This program will teach you:

🎓 How to identify barriers that are holding you back from success

🎓 Ways to protect yourself from being manipulated

🎓 Skills to read and interpret body language

🎓 Techniques to help you confidently talk to anyone

🎓 Awareness to spot harmful lies and deception

🎓 Methods experts use to uncover truth and find out what you need to know

🎓 Tools to help you feel equipped to handle conversations with ease

🎓 Confidence building tools to help you stand up, show up and speak up

🎓 Techniques to help dissolve limiting thinking and behaviors

🎓 How to attract more of the right people and opportunities into your life

If you are a LEADER, this program has essential knowledge to lead your team better, be respected, feel more confident and create an open flow of honest communication.

If you are in SALES, this program will give you a powerful edge in reading people, reading the play, plus the confidence to strike up a strategic conversation with anyone.

If you are DATING, this program will help you date smart and date safe, giving you clarity and confidence to attract the right person and connect on a more meaningful level.

If you are in BUSINESS, this program will help you master sales, relationship building and human connection, leading to more money, more time and more freedom.

If you are a PARENT, this program will help you to communicate better and learn how to protect your children from harm.

If you want to improve your current RELATIONSHIP, this program will give you insight into limited thinking and behaviors and it will give you tangible methods to significantly improve communication.

If you are seeking a job or a CAREER change, or want to start your own business, this program will clarify your next steps. You will develop the confidence to move forward while nailing interviews, mastering networking events making high stake decisions.

If you want to PROTECT YOURSELF from deceptive or manipulative behavior in any part of your personal or professional life, this program will open your eyes, teach you powerful skills and keep you safe.

If you want an ENVIABLE EDGE in any part of your life, this program will give you the tools, knowledge and awareness to set you apart from the noise and the crowd and help you be noticed, respected and taken seriously.

Meet Lena Sisco & Elly Johnson, co-founders of the Truth Sisters Academy...

Meet Lena

"Since leaving the military, my mission has been to stop bad things happening to good people. I teach people powerful skills that help them to read verbal and non-verbal behavior better, uncover critical information, boost confidence and more make informed decisions".

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Meet Elly

“For over 20 years, I’ve loved sharing knowledge that can directly help people grow confidence from the inside to go after what they want from life. I can guide you to clarity and help you make the tough decisions that lead you to more safety,  success and freedom”.

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