This picture was taken in 1999. I was attending a Force Protection School - a requirement before I deployed - at Blackwater in North Carolina. I was shooting a machine gun at a car. We tore it up. That week I became an expert shooter. I even purchased an HK USP 45. I also loaded up in an HMMWV (high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle) that came under fire (training) and we had to escape the vehicle and bound back behind barriers.

During my escape, I shot one of my assailants (male) right between the legs. Aside from the fun, it was serious training so I could protect not only myself but my team. One weak link could jeopardize us all. So you challenge yourself and push yourself to be better for your team.

Fast forward to 2002 when I found myself not in need of my newly acquired force protection skills but my interrogation skills. I deployed to GTMO and spent August 2002 to December 2002 interrogating members of Al Qaida and the Taliban. I learned a lot when I was there. In fact, that is where my journey began to becoming an expert in human behavior and detecting deception. It was at GTMO when I realized my reason for being on this planet; to stop bad people from doing bad things.

Today I train the military, special forces, and law enforcement in interrogation/interviewing, detecting deception, rapport building, elicitation, and body language. I wrote a book called "You're Lying," and I gave a TEDx talk titled, "My Secret to Breaking Terrorists, Detecting Deception & Rapport."  

For three years I was an expert witness on the TV show Couples Court and I travel around the world keynote speaking and teaching people my expertise.

And now, I've taken all that I know from my professional experience in the military and my personal experience in life, love, business and relationships and poured it into the Truth Sisters Academy. Elly and I are here to teach you skills you won't find anywhere else - not in the way we teach them anyway!  

I want you to have skills to get the truth and spot the lies and I can show you how. My professional experience gives me a deep understanding of human behavior.

Our mission is to equip you with a rare level of skill and awareness to boldly go after the success you desire. We empower women to gain an enviable edge by unlocking potential and leveraging an advanced awareness of human behavior.