This is me, pictured with two of my squad mates on graduation day from the Victorian Police, in Melbourne, Australia. Apart from a very exciting day in its own right, it was also my 22nd birthday. Great parties were held that night! And yes, I DO look way too young to be given a gun and tasked with 'upholding the right'.

I learnt very quickly in the role of a Police Officer that the way to stay safe and make good decisions was to understand more about human behavior, reading people, situational awareness and how to spot dangerous, harmful and deceptive people.

Fast forward to 2021 and I have managed a successful global training and speaking business for 20 years. My focus has been on communication with a spotlight on truth, lies and human behaviour. I have trained thousands of people to improve skills and awareness to better read situations and uncover truthful and useful information to make more informed decisions.

I have spoken on stages around the world, sharing insights that can help reduce risk in business and in life. I trained as a life and relationship coach with Mars Venus International, helping people achieve their goals and dreams in life and love. Personally, I have experienced marriage, divorce, motherhood, step-motherhood, loss, career changes, relationship challenges, starting and growing 3 businesses and lots more.

The back story of how I met Lena Sisco is really cool. The short version is watching her TEDx talk and right then I knew we were 'truth sisters'. I reached out to her and I was right, we were on a similar mission.

Fast forward to today and we are proud to work together with the Truth Sisters Academy. Lena and I are here to teach you skills you won't find anywhere else - not in the way we teach them anyway!  

Our mission is to equip you with a rare level of skill and awareness to boldly go after the success you desire. We empower women to gain an enviable edge by unlocking potential and leveraging an advanced awareness of human behavior.

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